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How to Achieve 30% Chat Automation in 10 Minutes or Less

See the difference Zowie can make starting on day one.

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Zowie was built for businesses who sell online, which means we’ve eliminated the traditional hurdles to creating powerful automations.

In this webinar Zowie CPTO & Co-Founder Maciej Ciolek, joins our Head of Marketing, Chris Kuehn, to show how you can achieve intuitive automation in less than 10 minutes

In this webinar they'll cover: 

  • The secret to Zowie’s lightning-fast onboarding process 
  • Tips for creating personalized automation 
  • How to leverage intuitive AI for a better customer experience

Plus, as part of the webinar we’ll explain how you can try Zowie’s industry-leading software risk-free for 30 days.

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Watch the webinar on-demand!